4 lost survival lessons
from the heroes who tamed
the Great Depression

My grandpa was 17 when he built his first house.

But calling it a "house" might give you the wrong idea. Truth be told, it was a glorified wooden box. A cramped 10x10 that looked much like the shanties in this Hooverville.

With holes for windows, a primitive stove, and a cheap, rotten mattress to sleep on. And not only was it tiny... he had to share it with his cousin, so they could save enough money to go to college.

Property of Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society

All, while managing to survive through one of the greatest depressions in the history of the US.

Hi, my name is Mark Johnson. And in this short video I want to show you why the story of my grandpa's crude 10x10 home holds the secret to navigating the chaos and uncertainty of another great depression. I'll explain what this secret is right here on this page. Along with 4 powerful, but almost forgotten survival lessons from the Great Depression.

These lessons gave our grandparents plenty of food and water for their families...

... and made them safe and protected from the elements, and from other people.

But also... the lessons I'm about to reveal allowed them to thrive during one of the darkest times in our history, and come out stronger and in better financial shape at the end. Why did some people thrive, while others lost everything? You see...

My grandpa's "wooden box" was no school project...

But it was just the thing that allowed him to get a valuable education.

Little did grandpa Morris know... but this "rough start" in life provided him with an amazing "toolbox" for navigating not just the Great Depression... but all the other hardships that were sure to come.

It gave him the kind of forgotten self reliance wisdom that we need NOW more than ever.

Because for grandpa Morris, and for many like him, self reliance was more than just another thing you do... it was THE way to live.

It allowed these proud men and women to push through adversity and write history. To turn deprivation into amazing opportunity for their families and communities. And to not merely survive rough times... but at the end of it all, to become even stronger, smarter and more inspiring than ever before.

You see, for my grandpa, building this crude house was a "do or die" thing. His mom had died when he was little. And his dad had forced him to make a tough decision:

... stay at the farm, make close to nothing, and forget any dreams about going to school

... or leave his home at 12 years old... find a job that pays better, and hope for a chance at getting an education.

It was the kind of hard choice many families were faced with during the Great Depression.

So, he did the unthinkable:

He left home when he was just 12...

He was the ultimate DIYer I've ever known. After the war, he built his own radio station... and when he sold it decades later, he made millions from the sale. .. which ended up making him a millionaire, when he sold the radio station he built after the war.

My grandpa's hard earned resilience helped him achieve all that... but above all, it turned him into an amazing role model for all of us.

And I don't mean to say that my grandpa Morris was special. I'm pretty sure your grandparents were the same. Their entire generation was made of amazing people, who were not just comfortable with adversity - but were able to thrive in it.

True Americans shaped by hard times... who went on to build the America I'm so proud of.

My other grandpa, George, also lived an amazingly self- reliant life.

Better Homes and Gardens

He grew up at a chicken farm. And even though (or maybe because) he started with nothing, he learned at a young age how to look after himself.

Years later, he became one of the most accomplished American surgeons. But he didn't stop there. He would eventually be involved with the American nuclear program...

... and would become the health commissioner for Washington State and Arizona.

Here you can see him shaking hands with the president of the United States.

Not bad for a boy who grew up on a poor chicken farm.

So, what do these stories have to do with thriving through another Great Depression?

As you can probably tell, I am proud with my heritage. As I'm sure you are, too. I grew up with their stories, and their stories shaped my own life. Our grandparents were true heroes. Not like the ones you see in movies, but way better: they were...

Property of Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society

America's forgotten heroes of the Great Depression

Real patriots, men and women who were not afraid to get their hands dirty. Who were proud to provide for their families.

And because their early experiences were shaped by adversity unlike anything we've ever seen...

they did not tremble in the face of more adversity. Even as the country went on to face potential nuclear war... the civil rights movement... the Vietnam war... and a score of recessions and depressions.

They were always calm and connected, not in denial but with a strong resolve and determination that whatever the future might bring... they would find a way to land on their feet.

So what did our grandparents know about
sailing the rough waters of a Great Depression,
that we seem to have forgotten?


In fact, I believe our grandparents left us a detailed blueprint for navigating extended periods of chaos, uncertainty and deprivation... and for turning adversity into potentially unlimited opportunity for our families.

And I think that it's our sacred duty to ensure this blueprint won't get lost to history.

I'm talking about 4 forgotten lessons in ultimate self reliance. These lessons are my "guiding light" to help navigate uncertainty and chaos. To not only survive or "get by", but to bounce back stronger, like our grandparents did when they faced tough times.

Those who choose to ignore the lessons of history will pay the price. But I believe that those who follows these life rules will become "future proof". And ensure a future for their families where, no matter what happens...

... food and water are abundant

... you always have a shelter above your head

... you and your family are protected no matter what

... and, even though this might be hard to believe now... you'll be among those who rebuild our communities... and our amazing country

I promise, this is going to be the most important thing you watch today.

Like I said, my name is Mark Johnson.

You may know me by my pen name Cache Valley Prepper. And my grandparents' self reliance stories had a huge impact on me. That's why I've dedicated my life to restoring this essential part of the American way of life.

I'm a best selling author on topics like survival and self reliance.

Companies invite me to teach large audience about practical preparedness. I am the director of Survival Brain Trust and running my own high end consulting company. Among other things, I helped build the Boy Scout Program in Portugal. And when I'm not teaching survival skills to the Brazilian Airforce, I'm training SpecOps and SWAT operators in dynamic entry and high explosive breaching.

Now I'm not saying any of this to brag. In fact, I don't think I hold a candle to my grandparents. For them, self reliance was the norm. It was not only normal, it was expected of you. And it always bothered me that something that used to be so normal... so essential to our very culture... has become so rare. Sometimes it seems like self reliance has become a four letter word you should never utter.

Self reliance changed my life. Just like my grandpa Morris, I started working at 12 years old too. And if I've achieved anything in life, it was because I was standing on the shoulders of "giants" like my grandparents - grandpa Morris and grandpa George, grandma Othel and grandma Flora.

And frankly, I believe we've never had more use for our grandparents' hard-earned wisdom than now.

Why? Simple:

You may have heard the saying:

"Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times.
Good times create weak men. And, weak men create hard times."

Fact is, we've been blessed with decades of "good times" for too long. We live long lives in abundance. We've successfully banished scarcity and deprivation. We've forgotten that the bad times were just a few short generations behind us.

And while we may not be realizing it yet...

We Are Now Living
In What Could Soon Become
"The Good Old Days".

Because of this, we've also become weaker and more exposed than ever. And with no experience of real hardship, it's very hard to make sense of what lies ahead.

Yet for our grandparents, this wouldn't be anything special. It would be just one more challenge in the great adventure called life.

That's why I believe that...

... if we had another Great Depression,
the real survivors would be
people like our grandparents!.

The people who never had it easy.

They would soar like eagles, while everyone else would be fighting over scraps in the mud.

Now I understand that this might be an uncomfortable subject for some. People these days tend to be very sensitive to the idea that they might be responsible for their own destiny.

But that's OK. I learned from my grandma Flora to stand for what I believe in. She was once beaten unconscious with a lead pipe for having the audacity to have afternoon tea with a Black person... the only other educated lady in the neighborhood for her to have tea with. But that didn't stop grandma.

I think it's my mission to tell the truth even when it's uncomfortable. Especially when it's uncomfortable. And to preserve and share these practical strategies I learned from history.

You see, I'm a collector of practical self reliance strategies. So when I set out to study the Greatest Generation, I did the opposite of what most scholars do. I didn't bother much with those who failed. Those were all too common during the Great Depression. The stuff we learned about in school: stories of bankruptcy, divorce, famine.

But as useful as it might sound to avoid the mistakes "victims" made, I wanted to learn from success. From those for whom the GD was a springboard to greatness. But I cared less about the mistakes... and more about what our grandparents did RIGHT. I didn't care so much about the people who failed. But I was fascinated by those who used the Great Depression as a springboard to greatness.

That's how I discovered 4 universal lessons that allowed people to be prepared... to weather the worst storm... and to come out on the other side not weaker, not the same, but stronger than ever. Here they are:

Lesson #1: Expect to lose it all

History doesn't repeat itself, but it rhymes. And if you pay close attention, you can find very predictable patterns. Patterns you can use to almost predict the future... and adapt to it so that whatever happens, your family is safe from harm.

When I studied the heroes of the Great Depression, I found countless amazing stories. And in almost each of these stories I saw the same simple sentence over and over again: "and then, things took a turn for the worse".

You see, during the GD there were lots of Pollyannas. Lots of people were foolishly optimistic... pretending that nothing bad was happening. "This won't take long", they said. "Recovery is just around the corner". Even president Hoover said there was no Depression, and that "no one was starving in America".

Of course, the reality was different. And unfortunately, those people who chose to put their heads in the sand and pretend everything will be OK were the same ones that fared the worst during the Great Depression and its aftermath.

That's because they failed to prepare - emotionally or physically- for what was coming.

Millions of people lost everything, with one person in four becoming jobless.. And every time things looked like they might get better...they turned from bad to worse. Unemployment caused people to stop buying. This, in turn, caused crop prices to dive because of the lack of demand... which put farmers in a very tight spot.

On top of that, a terrible drought in Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas pummeled the farms that somehow had managed to survive. It would last until 1939.

And the cherry on top
was the Dust Bowl:

On May 10 and 11, 1934, a single storm picked up 350 million tons of dust, dirt and silt from the Midwest... and drowned the entire East Coast in it. That was roughly 3 tons of dirt for every person living in America at the time... giving new perspective to the term "dirt poor".

The consequences were devastating: lots of banks closed and people lost their money. Many farmers couldn't pay their bills and lost their farms. They migrated to California hoping to find work. In the South, sharecroppers-both white and black-endured crushing poverty and almost unimaginable degradation. 1.5 million married men left their wives and families.

I can't imagine what something like this would do now... when people depend on everything going "just right".

But some people saw the writing on the wall. They didn't think "expecting the worst" was negative thinking, but more like a fact of life. It was a way of thinking that told them what to prepare for. And because of that, they were not caught by surprise.

Our grandparents did not live in fear. But they would simply assume anything can happen, and that things can go downhill real fast. And that they can lose everything: not just their money, but their freedoms, their ability to feed their families, even their health. And this leads me to...

Lesson #2: Prepare for the worst

In the months leading to the Great Depression, lots of people saw the signs, but not everyone acted on them.

And the fact is, knowing and not doing is the same as not knowing at all.

What use is seeing the future, if you don't do anything about it? Some people are just sitting on the railroad tracks, staring at the train barreling towards them but not taking a small step to the left or to the right. And somehow, they think it's going to miss them.

Our grandparents were the opposite. Because they expected the worst, and could easily see it with their minds eye. It was easier for them to actively prepare for it.

My grandpa George, the surgeon, did a stint in pre-war Germany as a missionary. He witnessed the rise of Hitler and the persecution of Jewish people. And he saw just how many people failed to take action because of complacency and wishful thinking... and because of this failed sense that "nothing bad can happen to me"

But he swore he would never get caught without a backup plan. He kept gold Krugerrands hidden. He and my grandma learned how to grow and can vegetables... even though they didn't need it. And they learned to get comfortable living with less... even though they never shunned luxury and the comforts of modern life.

For our grandparents, preparing for a hard life WAS life. These days, "self reliance" seems to be just another of those things some people are trying to cancel, along with our history. But no matter how good our grandparents had it, they always invested in their plan B. Because self reliance, rugged individualism, and making the most of the gifts God gave you, was THE way to live.

And that's what the 3rd lesson is all about:

Lesson #3: Depend on
as few things as possible

These days, too many people depend on so many things.

On their salary or pension check coming. On their employer not going bankrupt. On grocery stores staying open and fully stocked. On the police arriving on time. On their equipment working as planned.

And the fact is, if one tiny gear in this complex modern machine breaks down, it's over.

Your employer says "we're sorry to have to let you go". Trucks stop delivering food. The police comes a minute too late.

The survivors of the Greatest Generation saw how weak relying on others makes you. And they turned self reliance into a way of life. They constantly asked themselves: what's the one thing that, if it breaks down, I'm in trouble? You need to ask yourself this question every single day. Because surviving is not just about ensuring you have enough food and water. But more about not letting your family's survival depend on any one thing.

You can see it in some of the simplest stories from the Greatest Generation. My grandpa Morris wouldn't even allow himself to depend on the hardware store.

I remember one time when I was a just a kid, and I was helping him fix his boat. He had built that boat from scratch. He had made a mold and laid fiberglass to make the hull, and it was powered with a V8 from an Oldsmobile. But as impressive as building your own boat might seem, that's not really the story. What shocked me was how, as I was running the throttle for him while he was pouring fuel directly into the carburetor... we had to stop because he needed a screw. And he didn't have one.

I imagined... I guess that's the end of our workday, we're going to the store. But no: my grandpa simply grabbed a piece of brass screw stock and his tap and die set and made the screw on the spot. It might sound like a small thing. But it blew me away.

Up until then, I had thought everything came from factories... but this truly self reliant man could make his own tools without money and without the store.

Grandpa had options. He wasn't opposed to stores... or to technology... or to convenience and luxury. But he simply didn't depend on any of that.

And these days, we seem to have forgotten that freedom means having options. For too many people, the "land of the free" is really the land of the dependent. Which brings me to the fourth lesson in ultimate self reliance:

Lesson #4: Choose the plan
that gives you the most options

The best plan is the one that lets you change your plans. When things go South, the last thing you want is to be like a cornered mouse, with no way out. You want to have alternatives. Here are two simple examples:

When the power is out, you can choose to wait until the power company fixes the line. Or if you have a generator, you can choose to fire it up. You don't HAVE to turn on your generator, but it's an option you have.

What if you hear a strange noise inside the house, at midnight? You can call the police. But if you know how to defend yourself, you can choose to do that.. while waiting for the cops to arrive.

You don't HAVE to do it, but it's just something you can do.

Of course, people who don't have a generator, and people who don't know how to defend themselves, don't have those options.

Having options not only makes you more flexible. But it gives you tremendous peace of mind.

You could say my surgeon Grandpa George didn't need options. He made a lot of money as a highly paid surgeon. So then, why did he also tend to a garden? Why did he hide gold Kruegerrands in the table legs? Most of all... why, when he was volunteering at the church farm, did he always choose to do the HARDEST work - shoveling the manure?

Grandpa understood that the best thing you can do for yourself is give yourself options. And he never lacked them.

While some rich people can only live with luxury, and are devastated when they lose it... my grandpa merely "enjoyed" it... but he allowed himself to enjoy the simple life too.

While others depended on one stream of income... he was almost religious about diversifying his investments, and not having all eggs in one basket.

He hid gold not as an investment. But just in case that, should he lose it all, he would still have his options.

And this is one of the most important things I noticed about the heroes of the Great Depression. No matter how bad things were, they never allowed themselves to be completely wiped out. They ALWAYS had a back up plan. A reserve. A set of skills no one else had. Anything to ensure that even if things were bad, even if they lost a lot, they never lost it all.

This turned out to be their greatest asset! Because...

...in the land of the blind,
the one eyed man is king!

Being self reliant allowed our grandparents to recover faster than everyone around them. When everyone was getting wiped out, they had resources to rebuild. Sure they lost money. But they could afford to buy everything for pennies on the dollar. Sure it was hard. But when it was time to rebuild, they were in a much better place than anyone else.

And here's the thing: if today our grandparents would look out the window, they'd probably get a sense of deja-vu. And if (or more likely, when) it will all happen again, just like before, there will be two sides. The vast majority, who will end up losing everything - their money, their marriage, their self respect and the respect of their own children. And the chosen few, who see the opportunity in adversity... and use it to grow into something greater than ever. Those who will build the new America.

I knew which side I wanted to be on. So I asked myself:

How Would Our Grandparents
Survive a New Great Depression,
If They Were Here to Guide Us?

That question set me on a long hard journey. I wanted to do something that no one ever attempted before. I set out to collect the wisdom of the Great Depression's forgotten heroes. To write the ultimate self reliance manual... inspired from the wisdom of the Great Depression's forgotten heroes. But at the same time, fully adapted to the 21st century.

So I went to work. I locked myself in the public library, unearthing all survivor accounts from America's past. I looked not just for those who merely survived... but those whose survival lead to them accomplishing great, amazing things. I spent countless hours, painstakingly building this giant puzzle of oral accounts and recollections, along with my grandparent's scribbled notes. This was painstaking, laborious work. A few times I almost gave up.

Because I wasn't only looking for their timeless principles of self reliance. Those would have been good enough by themselves. Because many so called "preppers" build their houses on sand... just hoarding stuff with no real plan or strategy, no clear idea of where they're most exposed, and what should be their true priorities.

But I realized that fundamental principles aren't enough. I wanted to create an easy to follow blueprint for the 21st century. Something that made full use of the wealth of options we have on our hand today. But with a solid foundation in the undying principles that allowed the Greatest Generation to safely navigate the Great Depression.

After all, we live in the modern world. And we have access to tools and techniques our grandparents could only dream of. Generators, filtration systems, communication devices and countless other tools and pieces of equipment. And when you combine our forefathers' guiding principles, with the wealth of tools and techniques we have today... you realize that true self reliance doesn't mean deprivation.

That in fact, it IS entirely possible to have your cake and eat it too. You can achieve unmatched self reliance, without having to give up on your way of life. Without having to force yourself to live on rice and canned beans. That with some simple and quick additions to what you're already doing... you can immediately become more insulated from whatever the future might bring.

I put it all into a one of a kind manuscript, that I called

Bounce Back Stronger:
The Lost Self Reliance Secrets
of the Greatest Generation

Bounce Back Stronger

This is IT: if you've ever wanted to have a simple, clear and easy to follow roadmap... that prepares you for will happen in a new Great Depression; shows you exactly what to expect, and gives you the what, why, and especially HOW TO of making it through a Great Depression...

... then you need to know all about "Bounce Back Stronger".

It's the sort of time-tested wisdom that will ensure a life of prosperity and safety for your kids and grand kids... no matter what happens to the world. It shows you the simple & easy steps to ensure your pantry is brimming with delicious food that lasts you for decades... have enough crystal clear water to last a whole neighborhood months... and gain almost impenetrable protection from angry mobs looking to cause trouble. And much more.

As far as I can tell, it's one of a kind. You see, most authors and survival experts show you how to "survive". And you know, I have nothing about surviving. I mean I like to live. But barely making it out alive doesn't cut it for me. And frankly, there are things I value more than life.

Things like my freedom. My honor. And my dignity.

Our grandparents would expect a lot from us. Not just to "not die". But to be there for our families. To prove ourselves. To take adversity by its horns and tame it.

That's why I created "Bounce Back Stronger". To show you not just how to "get by" in what's coming... but to help you GAIN from chaos and disorder. And to give you the confidence that no matter what happens, you will get out of it unscathed... or even stronger than ever.

Here are some of the powerful strategies I borrowed from the Greatest Generation... and I enhanced for thriving during the 2020's:

The Foolproof Survival Tripwire

The more I studied the past, the more I saw how the old saying is true: there are decades where nothing happens, and there are weeks where decades happen.

When the Great Depression happened, people who were invested in the stock market lost their livelihoods on Black Thursday. Those who were spared lost it all in the subsequent crashes. This triggered a chain reaction of bankruptcies that affected even those who thought they were safe. Like those folks who were not invested in the stock market... but kept money in banks that would eventually go bankrupt.

The fact is, most people failed to react fast to the change, and paid the price. Others acted immediately, getting their families, and their money out of harm's way. Some of these smarter folks saw the signs and were able to prepare before most people even realized what was going on.

Because when everyone is preparing, no one is. You don't want to be the last person on the grocery isle, you want to be the first. You don't want to be the last to bug out... stuck in the middle of the highway with a million other cars. You want to be among the first, with empty roads ahead of you.

The fact is, when things change, you need a simple, clear plan for acting fast. That's why I developed the Foolproof Survival Tripwire. It's inspired by our grandparent's uncanny feel for what priorities are most important, and what you shouldn't bother with. In a survival scenario, it's very hard to think on your feet. When people's pulse goes to 180, or there's pain, or hypothermia, the ability to think clearly is worth its weight in gold. And this will allow you to make clear headed decisions in a matter of seconds.

This is a simple method that will instantly tell you where the threat is coming from... and what you should do to get out of harm's way. This way, you won't be caught unprepared... or prepared for the wrong thing.

There's more:

When I looked at those who made it through the toughest times... I realized something peculiar. Very often, it wasn't those with the largest stockpiles that fared the best. In fact, many of them failed miserably... whereas "leaner" folks weathered the storm much better.

Looking back, it's pretty obvious that many of our grandparents lost everything during their tough times, yet they made it all back pretty fast. How was that possible?

It's something I call

"The New Self Sufficiency Secret"

And it's something most "preppers" are oblivious to. They keep adding stuff to their stockpile, not realizing that doesn't necessarily make them survivors. Some folks keep hoarding stuff that gives them emotional comfort. Not knowing that it paints an even bigger target on their backs.

Our grandparents weren't "hoarders". They were builders & makers. They were creators. And they knew that sometimes, having the knowledge to create something from scratch can be even more important than having all the wealth in the world.

"The New Self Sufficiency Secret" is a simple yet grossly overlooked strategy that will ensure you never overspend on your stockpile or your gear. And that even if you do lose it all, you can easily get back on your feet. Because of a set of simple and easy to master techniques I am going to share with you in "Bounce Back Stronger". These are the same things that allowed our grandparents to navigate their darkest days without depending on anybody. It's incredible how much peace of mind you get... knowing that even if the food stockpile rots, or gets stolen, you can always get more food. Even if the water spoils or leaks... you can filter almost unlimited quantities of fresh water. Even if your equipment breaks down, you can easily put together something that works.

Another essential strategy I want to share with you is

The Guaranteed Escape Route Strategy.

Remember how I said that our grandparents had options? They were careful never to run out of them... because it gave them freedom, and allowed them to adapt fast.

Our grandparents knew all too well you never want to have all your eggs in one basket. Losing a job, or being foreclosed on was hard enough... but it was something they could manage. But losing everything was simply unacceptable. So they developed simple ways to make sure they can't be wiped out by any single event. That they don't rely on any one thing for their survival.

That's why grandpa George kept golden coins in the table leg. Not as an investment. He didn't care so much whether gold would rise or fall, he just knew that if the business was gone, he wouldn't be left with nothing. He didn't want to be forced to beg like others. But he also understood that, when others are left with nothing, "a little" is a lot.

The "Guaranteed Escape Route" is a multipronged preparedness strategy that will show you where you are most exposed... and the quick and easy ways to create multiple "exit strategies" for whatever bad scenario happens. And to make sure you never run out of options.

There's more:

In my research, I noticed that most Great Depression heroes has something in common.

They were loyal to their families, country, and church. Yet they weren't over attached to much else. In fact, they chose opportunity over attachment... so that they could act fast, and make changes quickly.

And this was one of the core reasons they were so adaptable to fast-changing landscapes.

Based on this fundamental idea, I developed the concept of "Break Down to Stay Safe". Our grandparents understood that adaptability is much more important than strength. But they also understood that you never bring a knife to a gun fight. The "break down to stay safe" is a groundbreaking philosophy of self reliance that will change how you do everything. It will revolutionize the way you look at survival gear. This allows you to easily add or subtract modules to better deal with whatever threat is coming your way.

Are you in a situation where you need to leave your home fast? Are you facing a crowd posted on your lawn? I know that if I'm yanked out of bed at night in my boxers and thrown into a van, I'm still wearing a special necklace that can break car windows, cut seat belts and zip cuffs, open handcuffs, or light a fire. But that's just a small part of what this strategy is about. And the great thing is, this will allow you to gain precious minutes when even seconds matter. You just grab your gear and use it immediately, while others are wasting their valuable time finding the right tool for the job.

"Bounce Back Stronger" is jam-packed with powerful strategies that allowed our grandparents to thrive through the darkest times. For instance, you'll discover the fastest, cheapest way to have a 3 month supply worth of healthy, tasty food without spending thousands on MREs or freeze dried garbage. Including what foods to never, ever have in your stockpile.

Did you know that if you only eat rabbit for a period, you risk malnutrition or worse? That's because rabbit is too lean, and it lacks the vitamins and minerals you need for long term survival. But there's no need to worry: you'll learn how to turn 4 long-shelf ingredients into 95 delicious dishes. These 4 ingredients will last you 25 years or more... while costing a fraction of what you'd pay on a freeze dried "survival stockpile". Plus, your food will just taste better!

I'll explain exactly what to do to make it impossible to run out of food. Even if your stockpile gets looted or confiscated... this simple method will give you an endless supply of food that no one can take. Plus, you'll understand your options for keeping food cold when there's no electricity

What about drinking water? With "Bounce Back Stronger" by your side, you'll never run out of clean water that's safe to drink. That's because it will show you how to clean 13,500 gallons of dirty water for under $35. And how to store drinking water for 25 years or more... without having to rotate it every 6 months. Those who don't know this tiny trick work hard for nothing. But I'll show you how to prepare smarter - not harder!

And that's just the beginning.

You'll discover the 6 force multipliers that allow you to "punch above your weight" when surviving at home. And what you should do immediately, when bugging out is not an option.

You'll learn how to set "mental trip wires" that will automate your life saving decisions. This way, you don't have to always be on your toes, and constantly worry about tomorrow. When you see these specific signs (that I will teach you to easily recognize, well ahead of the masses), you know it's time to get serious.

Spending most of your day away from home? I'll show you how to always get home in one piece... with the help of 21 items you should keep in a lightweight "anti-homelessness" bag to have on you at all times.

Why the wrong communication strategy can mean saying "bye bye" to your stockpile... and the safest ways to talk to strangers in a new, low-trust society.

How to make a your own safe room quickly & easily, using a stairway or in any other "dead space" you're not using. Not only will it allow you to see without being seen... while staying safe from unwanted visitors with bad plans, until the boys in blue arrive. But it can even boost the value of your property!

I'll show you how to heat and cool your home for close to nothing. And how to do simple home repairs that will keep your house in top shape while others' homes are crumbling. This might not sound glamorous, but it will free up resources that make survival so much easier.

There's more. You know how no plan ever survives its first encounter with the enemy. Yet the Greatest Generation that helped free the world knew a lot about planning for uncertainty. And I uncovered 8 traits of these plans that made people ready for almost anything.

I'll explain what you can still do if it's too late to prepare. All is not lost yet... and there are some last minute actions that can still keep your family safe.

What to do if you can't afford some of the "expensive toys" of wannabe preppers. Also - how to beat the "shiny object syndrome" with simple, inexpensive tools and equipment.

These techniques don't require youth. In fact, I believe some of these strategies work better for seniors... because they rely on wisdom younger people might not have.

They don't require a lot of money. Actually, if you put them in action, they will save you a ton, and make you less dependent on modern life.

And they don't require strength. In a way, "strong" people break easier than those who understand their weakness. When it comes to survival, it's more important to be shrewd than it is to be strong. And Bounce Back Stronger will uncover some of the shrewdest ways to stay self reliant during a Great Depression.

I've made "Bounce Back Stronger" into the complete self reliance manual for surviving another Great Depression, and coming out stronger from it. It's the ultimate kind of insurance against tough times. And it's just THE resource you should have on your shelf... to use as a trusted friend and advisor when things get rough.

The fact is, YOU can decide how to use it best. For instance, you can just skip to the essentials, and that should put you head and shoulders above everyone who was caught unprepared.

You'll know all the time tested strategies you'll need to protect your family. This will ensure that you have more than enough food and water, even through the most dramatic shortages... that you never lack a roof over your head, and that you're always safe and sound. And that should be enough to give you the comfort of a good night's sleep.

But I want to inspire you to look at self reliance beyond your own family. Self sufficiency is too often misunderstood. It doesn't mean you should survive alone.

Our grandparents always knew
they were part of a community:

their extended families... their friends and neighbors, their church. They knew that alone we don't stand a chance. It's together than we can hope to rebuild, to thrive, to keep this nation great. This will be your chance to lead and inspire the people around you! Because frankly, I think there's never been a greater need for leaders like YOU, patriots who believe in self reliance.

That's why in Bounce Back Stronger I'll show you how to make yourself valuable, so that small survival communities would pay good money, or barter essential items to have you in. How to assume leadership and lead your closely-knit "wolf pack" of survivors. Because self reliance doesn't mean being a lone wolf - it means building a tight group of self reliant individuals who got your back.

How to use "commander's intent" to immediately align your small community towards executing your vision. How to stay in touch with other people... even if modern technology stops working.

This is more than about rising from our ashes. Not just get back to what we were... but become stronger, better than ever. So that when people look at you, they can say "how did THAT happen?" What did they see that no one saw?

"Bounce Back Stronger" is unlike any other self reliance course you may have in your library. It's the only resource of this kind that doesn't focus on how to "barely make it out alive"... but how to turn adversity into the biggest springboard you've had in your lifetime. It's the one ally you want to have next to you, when the times become rough.

That's why I want to make it a no brainer for you to order today. So much so, that I want to send you some free gifts, when you order Bounce Back Stronger today.

Here's what it's all about:

Bonus #1:
"The Square Foot Victory Garden"

The Square Foot Victory Garden

Having enough food is one of the most important parts of being self reliant. And while Bounce Back Stronger goes a long way to showing you how to build that stockpile fast, without blowing the bank...I also wanted to give you a simple way to MAKE as much food as your family needs... even if you only have a tiny backyard, or no backyard at all!

That's why, when you order "Bounce Back Stronger" today, I want to send you a special report that will ensure unmatched abundance... even on a tiny plot.

It's called "The Square Foot Victory Garden". And it will show you not just the easiest yet productive ways to grow food... but how to do it when you don't have a lot of space.

I'll show you how to easily grow herbs & veggies, even berry bushes or small fruit trees, using a unique form of container gardening. When you follow this simple method, you'll be surprised how much yield a tiny space like a balcony can achieve (imagine what you can do on a quarter acre!)

It will even allow you to grow chryour own medicinal herbs in your back yard!

Even better: I'll show you how to use every available square inch of a vertical "micro-garden". Not only you'll get the maximum amount of food... but it slashes the amount of work, because there's no more bending down. Also, weeding becomes as easy as a Sunday walk. Just imagine picking ripe fruits and veggies while sitting in a comfortable chair!

The same goes for another technique I want to show you, that allows you to have your own "upside down garden". It's not only high-yield, doubling your growing opportunities without eating up more space. But it will also give you natural, beautiful shade and privacy. And you can forget about mold, rot, or insect infestation because this type of garden is so easy to tend to. Plus, if you're serious about concealing your "victory garden", I'll show you how to make a terrarium garden that's easy to hide from prying eyes.

There's more: I have a second bonus I want to send you for free.

Bonus #2: Complete Blueprints
For Making Your Own Root Cellar

How to make Your Own Root Cellar

Do you remember what it was like to go fetch a jelly jar from your grandparents' cellar? I do. And I think having a cellar is on of the basic requirements of a self sufficient household. I teamed up with Lex Andrews to build what I think is the ultimate collection of self reliance DIY projects. It's called Survival Sanctuary, and I want to send you for free one of the best blueprints in the whole set: a sturdy yet easy to build root cellar.

This is going to be the most fun you've had in a while. It's a simple, easy to make project that will allow you to store your food for a long time. And in a pinch, it can double as a sturdy bunker or a storm shelter. Last time we checked, the tiniest shelter was $37,000. This should cover the cost of the whole course by itself, many times over! Because if you do build it, it will save you tens of thousands of dollars.

And making it is super easy. In fact, you can even decide you're not going to lift a finger. Because in a Great Depression it will be very easy to hire someone who will be eager to build it for you for close to nothing.

There's even more stuff I want to send you. My grandparents taught me generosity, and as an expression of that, I want you to have a special report that might be really useful in the days to come.

Bonus #3: The Impenetrable Home

The Impenetrable Home

We've put together a special report on home defense, inspired from the experience of Vietnam vets and former police officers. It's called "The Impenetrable Home", and I want you to have it for free. Inside, you'll discover 5 lessons about perimeter defense learned from the Vietnam War; how to set up simple alarms, so that no intruder will make it past your fence; how to use cheap fireworks to create one of the best deterrents you could hope for; a simple way to use "snag wire" and "tangle foot" to prevent unwanted visitors from climbing your fences; 4 giant mistakes even the most prepared people make, that leave them vulnerable to being robbed; how to guarantee no one will ever enter your home without an invitation; and more.

"Bounce Back Stronger" is proven
to work on real people, and real families!

Once I finished my manuscript, I had the opportunity to teach these principles to my consulting clients. They gladly paid thousands of dollars to learn and implement these strategies. This allowed me to see for myself what kind of an impact this wisdom has on people's lives.

I saw people transformed by it. It felt like they received a powerful crystal ball that could glimpse into the future. And because of it, they started feeling safer and prepared for anything. They became more relaxed, and regained their sleep... knowing that whatever tomorrow brings, they are ready for it.

And it makes total sense. After all, Bounce Back Stronger holds the combined wisdom of centuries of self reliance. My own decades of living and teaching the self sufficient lifestyle, and the countless lessons from the Greatest Generation that I distilled in order to create this.

This work is one of a kind. It's not the usual rehash of those Army manuals you can find for free online. And it's not the typical fantasy-land narrative, that encourages you to survive months in the wilderness. Or that sells you the fairytale that you can somehow be a modern Rambo, and fight hordes of attackers single-handedly.

Our grandparents were much too wise, and too practical to think like this. And this is exactly what I wanted to create with Bounce Back Stronger. To collect the practical wisdom of our forefathers. To give you simple, step by step instructions on how to apply it the 2020's. To ensure your home will always overflow with healthy food and fresh water, no matter how hard it becomes for others to find them. To virtually guarantee that your family remains unscathed, should things turn South rapidly... and to make sure that once things go back to normal.. you and your family can thrive and prosper once more... along the handful of patriots who will rebuild America once again.

This is why this kind of wisdom is so hard to find. If you wanted to hire the world's best self reliance experts, you'd have to hire your grandparents, and grand-grandparents. Unfortunately, most of them are gone. And much of their knowledge is buried with them.

We've replaced wisdom with instant gratification, and "knowing" with a fake sense of safety. And the truth is, most of these lessons were at risk of being forgotten forever.

You can imagine how hard it is to put a price on this knowledge.

After all, my consulting clients gladly paid thousands of dollars on it. Of course, they got a personalized version, adapted to their situation, their companies and families. You are getting the "express", easy to implement version for home use.

Even so, I could easily charge $500 and wouldn't bat an eye. My grandpa used to remind me that "we're not communists", and that we get paid for the value we create in this world. Bounce Back Stronger is easily worth that much. And frankly, you don't even have to wait for a bad scenario to happen, for you to recoup your investment. Our grandparents believed in living the self reliant life every single day. That's why, when you implement the simple strategies inside, you'll immediately see your monthly bills flatten, as you're spending less on food and electricity, and you know exactly what kind of equipment to get so it will last you decades.

But I wanted this to be available to as many Americans as possible. I believe it's my mission to continue in my grandparents' footsteps. And to remind as many Americans as I can how simple and easy it is to live the self reliant life. Soon enough, this knowledge will become a necessity.

That's why I'm not going to charge that much. In fact, I want you to have "Bounce Back Stronger" for less than what my clients pay for an hour of my time!

I routinely charge $150 an hour just to discuss how people can secure their homes and their businesses. But just today, and only because you've stayed with me for this long, I want to introduce "Bounce Back Stronger" at the special price you see on the screen.

Seeing as the average American spends $21 a day just on food I figure a course on our grandparent's style of self reliance is well worth two days of food... for a lifetime of being able to feed your family and keep them safe. Especially as it will save you way more than that.

But frankly, the money doesn't even matter. Because you're covered by my:

No Questions Asked 60 Day Guarantee

It's simple: I'm certain that you will love Bounce Back Stronger. You need to see for yourself how powerful these strategies are. How easy it is to see your family become as self reliant like the generations before us. You have to experience the ultimate peace of mind that comes from knowing that no matter what happens... you have options, and you will get back on your feet faster than everyone.

Property of Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society Days Money Back Guarantee

I want you to be absolutely thrilled with "Bounce Back Stronger" - or you pay nothing. Just simply email my team and I'll make sure you get a prompt and courteous refund, no hassle, no questions asked.

So go ahead and click the add to cart button below, knowing that you've got nothing to lose.

But you need to move fast. You probably get this already. When it comes to preparing for the unknown, time is of the essence. That's because you want to have a head start. Being self reliant is really about being a bit "contrarian", against the grain. What's the point in seeing the writing on the wall... if stores are empty by the time you make a conscious decision to prepare? Our grandparents were successful because they saw it coming long before anyone else did. It allowed them to take steps way ahead of time... so that when things got real, they were ready.

At the end of the day, Bounce Back Stronger is not just about food, water, protection or leading a community of survivors. It's about freedom. The freedom to live life on your terms, not what others decide that is good for you. The freedom to preserve your human dignity, while others can no longer do that. The Greatest Generation lived as free men and women, and you could tell by their inner peace. That feeling that comes from knowing that whatever happens, you're covered. And that even though life may get a little bumpy... at the end, it's all part of an amazing story you get to tell your grandchildren.

Speaking for myself, I'm hoping for the best, AND preparing for the worst. Some people only do the first half, and choose to live in denial. They only listen to those who tell them "everything will be ok". There are lots of people out there who are getting paid to tell you there's nothing to worry about, everything is fine, move along, just keep spending like last year. But that doesn't help much, other than give you a false sense of security. For our grandparents, even when the worst ended, life was still littered with terrible events. The Great Depression was followed by WW2. And then the 60's were on fire. And then Vietnam. Countless recessions. And huge changes.

Some of those who misunderstand self reliance will decide to go it alone. Forgetting that the Great Generation didn't just stumble on their wisdom. They too were standing on the shoulders of giants: the pioneer men and women who conquered the West. On the Founding Fathers who gave us this great country and our constitution. They understood that no man or woman should stand alone. There is strength in numbers.

And they knew that wise men and women learn from others' mistakes. Like Benjamin Franklin used to say, "experience keeps a dear school, but fools will learn in no other." If I'm correct, and what's about to happen will actually happen, you'll have your chance to make plenty of mistakes. But they will be YOURS, not the same mistakes others made thousands of times before you. When the unthinkable happens, too many folks will be too busy making the same old mistakes, that they will miss the silver lining. They won't notice the wealth of opportunity that our grandparents gained from.

But if you want the ultimate shortcut... for the fastest ways to learn the self reliance lessons of our grandparents, then you need to try Bounce Back Stronger today.

Remember, this is the only self reliance guide that takes the time tested lessons of the Greatest Generation... and shows you how to easily implement them for the 2020's. So that you don't just survive, but you turn adversity into the mother of all opportunities... for yourself, for you family and for your community. You risk nothing, because you're protected by my "No Questions Asked" Money Back Guarantee for a full 60 days. And when you order today, I'll also send you, free of charge, three valuable bonuses: "The 5 Minute Survival Micro-Farm", The Impenetrable Home, and the complete blueprints for how to make your own cellar, bunker or storm shelter.

So go on, click the order button below, while I can still make this offer.

Thank you!

Bounce Back Stronger

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