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Bounce Back Stronger

How would our grandparents survive another Great Depression? What did they know, that we have forgotten? Turns out, there are a few powerful strategies they were using... that allowed them to not merely survive adversity... but to thrive in it.


  • The Foolproof Survival Tripwire. How to make quick decisions under uncertainty, so you're never caught unprepared.
  • The New Self Sufficiency Secret: a simple strategy that ensures that even if the food stockpile rots, or gets stolen, you can always get more food. Even if the water spoils or leaks... you can filter almost unlimited quantities of fresh water. Even if your equipment breaks down, you can easily put together something that works.
  • The 6 force multipliers that allow you to "punch above your weight" when surviving at home. And what you should do immediately, when bugging out is not an option.
  • How to set "mental trip wires" that will automate your life saving decisions. This way, you don't have to always be on your toes, and constantly worry about tomorrow.
  • Why the wrong communication strategy can mean saying "bye bye" to your stockpile... and the safest ways to talk to strangers in a new, low-trust society.
  • And more...


Survival Sanctuary

25 Quick-and-easy Projects for Your Off-grid Escape

Bad things happen, but the prepared can overcome anything. That's why we've collected dozens of the very best, self-reliant, DIY projects in one place. Giving you peace of mind, no matter what life throws at you.


  • How to build a wind turbine using a treadmill motor-and 3 more easy ways to make energy at home.
  • 4 ways to store your food long-term. Including a DIY dehydrator, freeze dryer, root cellar, and more.
  • How to cool your home without AC (using a pot and saucer).
  • 4 simple low-space, high-yield farming hacks that keep you fed all-year-round.
  • Uncover the low-tech secrets that will pump, clean, AND heat your water. Even if the taps run dry.
  • How to make a radio from paper clips (just like POWs did in WW2).
  • And more...


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